Be A Running Buddy

Running Buddy Volunteer Description
A running buddy chaperones and mentors one or two girls through her two experiences: the Practice 5K and the Girls on the Run 5k. That means keeping pace with the girl, helping her along the way, and cheering her on!

Overview: Each Running Buddy is matched one-on-one with a Girls on the Run girl to accompany, encourage her and serve as her mentor for two 5K events.

o The first event is a “Practice 5K” at the girl’s program site

o The second event is our Girls on the Run 5K event two to three weeks later.

Time commitment: The Running Buddy job requires two time commitments: an hour and a half on a weekday afternoon for the Practice 5K and two to three hours on a weekend morning for the Girls on the Run 5K event. Because each Running Buddy is pre-matched with a specific girl, commitment to attend both 5K events is extremely important. Each Girls on the Run participant looks forward to having “her own” Buddy for the events, and maintaining consistency by running with the same person for both events contributes her overall experience of mentor-ship and encouragement. If you have to cancel, we ask that you give us a minimum of a week’s notice before the first event so that we have time to find a replacement Buddy for your girl. Unfortunately, Girls on the Run can’t guarantee the attendance of your girl buddy for both events, although we make every effort to ensure that all girls do their best to attend.

How to be a Buddy Running Buddies are enthusiastic, supportive and patient adults, 18 or older, who keep the needs of the girl a top priority. The job of a buddy is to be by her side for this fun and exciting experience. That means running or walking at her pace, encouraging her to do her best and keep going, but also recognizing and respecting her limits. Girls on the Run is not a competitive running program and therefore the runs should not be treated as a competitive event unless the girl desires it to be such. Because Running Buddies will be working directly with the girls, any Buddy who is not the legal guardian of their girl Buddy requires a criminal history background check. (That will be done by GOTR after you have registered to become a Buddy)

Registering for the 5K Running Buddies are responsible for registering for the 5K and paying their own race fee. There is no registration required for the Practice 5K.

To find out more information contact Meagan McKissick, Executive Director at or 904-730-9670.