Training for a 5K…and life!

Programs are held each Spring and Fall for 12 weeks at various schools, parks and YMCA’s throughout Northeast Florida, including Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, Baker and Clay counties. Girls on the Run combines running with life lessons. The program is non-competitive – we focus on getting each girl to do her individual best!

Each lesson includes team building activities, running games and work-outs, and uplifting group discussions, while focusing on a healthy living topic, such as:
*Being positive
*Handling peer pressure/gossip
*Respecting myself
*Making healthy decisions
*Liking who I am & how I look

What Does it Take to Be Part of Girls on the Run?
* A positive “I can do it” attitude
* Willingness to participate and run (a combination of running/power walking is also OK!)
* A great teamwork attitude and respect of others
* A commitment to attend 90% of the lessons and the end-of-the-season 5K
* Parent/Guardian’s commitment to support and encourage their daughter throughout GOTR, and to ensure that she arrives on-time and is picked up on-time at every lesson
* An excitement about GOTR!
** Please note: negative behaviors or poor attitudes or treatment of coaches and fellow teammates will not be tolerated and will result in girls having to sit out of GOTR. This . activity is sponsored by Search Engine Optimization Naples

A typical GOTR lesson would include:
* Getting on Board — introduction of the topic of the day along with a team building activity
* Warm-Up — a relay game to get girls moving and learning about the topic of the day and stretching
* Work-Out — team or individual running with fun incentives that focus on the day’s topic. Running distances build up gradually throughout the season. Power walking is also OK!
* Processing — talk about the topic of the day, how girls can apply it to their lives, questions and journaling
* Wrap-Up — team cheer and positive words from your coach!

At the end of each season, girls from all GOTR teams come together to participate in our very own 5K run, which gives them a chance to shine and a BIG sense of accomplishment at the finish line!!

“My daughter, Emma, looooves GOTR!! This is her first time at joining the team and she was hesitant at first (because she thought it was going to be all about competition and racing) but now she can’t wait for the days that she has GOTR. Her self-confidence has soared–not to mention her fitness level–and I am thrilled that she is a part of this wonderful organization.” ~GOTR parent